Jan 222013
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La Blue Girl Live 1,2,3 Revange of the sex Demon King, Saya Hidaka, Sayaka Mizuno

La Blue Girl 1 La Blue Girl 2 La Blue Girl 3

La_Blue_Girl_1.avi La_Blue_Girl_2.avi La_Blue_Girl_3.avi

File 1 - Size: 541 mb - Time: 01:14:24
File 2 - Size: 802 mb - Time: 01:09:45
File 3 - Size: 781 mb - Time: 01:08:26
Resolution: 640x480
Format: avi

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Jan 222013
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PALD-03 Battle of love God PARTEON 2003

paruteon 2003 - PALD03

4th new partayon. Mandragora, the plant of the world of demons, was transferred to the world of people. Feeling this akira begins to act and heads to Izu. Victims that fall one after another. Party, who has become independent combat heroine. Is there a chance that the growing enemy will win?


Size: 700mb
Time: 00h 55min
Format: avi
Resolution: 720x480

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