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  1. Please, upload TRE-01, TAG-03.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you very much.
    And can you upload TSWN022, please?
    Thank you.


  4. how is your site?
    do u change another place?
    i am your big fans!
    please dont go!

  5. Hi,

    Why is it you can’t download anything at present?

  6. Hello,
    Can you upload ATHB-15, thank you so much!

  7. Can you upload Giga sngm-01 “Furry Heroine Furie”?… please :’3

  8. sir could u upload for this >>> Giant Heroine(R) Cruelty Story – Goddess Of Shooting Stars, Gran Rose pls

  9. Is it possible to see the ranking of the most popolar post of all time?

  10. Please upload sngm-04 dark elf knight arnas.

  11. Hey, I really like your site, can you upload SNGM-01 and SNGM-03, I’ve been searching these videos for long time. Always support you! Thanks a lot!

  12. Why is it you can’t download anything at present?

    • There are problems on one service at depfile,
      his address begins with ip –
      Request to overload a page or F5, if will get on such address, many attempts will be required sometimes.
      Thank you for understanding!

  13. Hey can you reupload the Giant Heroine sohpia GPTM-22? i cant download the part 6

  14. Lot of issues with downloads lately!

    • I understand you.
      A problem decides, but a decision stayed too long.
      Promised on April, 30 to decide it, but …

  15. please, upload wehd-26, ZDAD-66

  16. ZHPD-02, please

  17. can you upload the THI series?

  18. please, upload ZARD-80

  19. Zrhd-13 please

  20. JMSZ-60_01.mp4 the movie stop from 11:32 to 19:18

  21. SDLN-09 please

  22. Can you upload SDDG-001?

  23. Can you upload tdln-100?

    Thank you :)

  24. Hello~!
    please, upload GTRL-51

  25. Do the movies have English subtitles?

  26. Is it possible to get the Mighty Lady Artemis II series?

  27. Thank you for your reply. Could you upload ZEOD-54 ?

  28. Hello, thank you for these links!

    Do you also have PMID-008 AND PMID-009?

  29. Can you tell me if the many files taken down by MaxiDed are gradually being reassigned to valid URLs?

  30. Couldn’t the videos be uploaded to a different file-sharing service?

  31. Not sure what you mean. The problem is that a number of videos listed are no longer available because of MaxiDed, for instance GSAD-08.

  32. Thanks! I didn’t realize you were gradually changing all the links, that’s great.

  33. Could you do THP-45?

  34. It’s up! Much thanks.

  35. Hello admin~! please,
    Could you upload ZEOD-63 ?

  36. Hi admin~~~

    Could you upload TSDL-003 or TDLN-33?


  37. I’ve notice that GIGA provide english subs for some of their videos in their english website. Is it possible for you to get the english subbed videos here?


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