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  1. Please, upload TRE-01, TAG-03.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you very much.
    And can you upload TSWN022, please?
    Thank you.


  4. how is your site?
    do u change another place?
    i am your big fans!
    please dont go!

  5. Hi,

    Why is it you can’t download anything at present?

  6. Hello,
    Can you upload ATHB-15, thank you so much!

  7. Can you upload Giga sngm-01 “Furry Heroine Furie”?… please :’3

  8. sir could u upload for this >>> Giant Heroine(R) Cruelty Story – Goddess Of Shooting Stars, Gran Rose pls

  9. Is it possible to see the ranking of the most popolar post of all time?

  10. Please upload sngm-04 dark elf knight arnas.

  11. Hey, I really like your site, can you upload SNGM-01 and SNGM-03, I’ve been searching these videos for long time. Always support you! Thanks a lot!

  12. Why is it you can’t download anything at present?

    • There are problems on one service at depfile,
      his address begins with ip –
      Request to overload a page or F5, if will get on such address, many attempts will be required sometimes.
      Thank you for understanding!

  13. Hey can you reupload the Giant Heroine sohpia GPTM-22? i cant download the part 6

  14. Lot of issues with downloads lately!

    • I understand you.
      A problem decides, but a decision stayed too long.
      Promised on April, 30 to decide it, but …

  15. please, upload wehd-26, ZDAD-66

  16. ZHPD-02, please

  17. can you upload the THI series?

  18. please, upload ZARD-80

  19. Zrhd-13 please

  20. JMSZ-60_01.mp4 the movie stop from 11:32 to 19:18

  21. SDLN-09 please

  22. Can you upload SDDG-001?

  23. Can you upload tdln-100?

    Thank you :)

  24. Hello~!
    please, upload GTRL-51

  25. Do the movies have English subtitles?

  26. Is it possible to get the Mighty Lady Artemis II series?

  27. Thank you for your reply. Could you upload ZEOD-54 ?

  28. Hello, thank you for these links!

    Do you also have PMID-008 AND PMID-009?

  29. Can you tell me if the many files taken down by MaxiDed are gradually being reassigned to valid URLs?

  30. Couldn’t the videos be uploaded to a different file-sharing service?

  31. Not sure what you mean. The problem is that a number of videos listed are no longer available because of MaxiDed, for instance GSAD-08.

  32. Thanks! I didn’t realize you were gradually changing all the links, that’s great.

  33. Could you do THP-45?

  34. It’s up! Much thanks.

  35. Hello admin~! please,
    Could you upload ZEOD-63 ?

  36. Hi admin~~~

    Could you upload TSDL-003 or TDLN-33?


  37. I’ve notice that GIGA provide english subs for some of their videos in their english website. Is it possible for you to get the english subbed videos here?

  38. Can gexp 37_04 and ghko 63_02 be re-uploaded?

  39. Site is broken? Some titles are wrong and tags are incorrect, some new videos are also not showing?

    • problem with the plugin on the site,
      I advise you to go to an alternative site:
      I’m sorry!
      There tags are displayed correctly, and with that site I need to understand

  40. GIGP-04_01 no longer available for download

  41. Like this site a lot, good formatting, easy to search, will continue to support your premium links. Thanks!

  42. Long time no see, hi admin~! please,
    Could you upload GHKQ-77 ?

  43. Thank you very much admin.

  44. thanks for uploads admin, happy new year

  45. hi i think you put the wrong picture for ghkq-87

  46. hi is there no behind the scene for GHKQ-89??

  47. Hi, can you upload THI-10?

  48. Hello admin~! please,
    Could you upload GHKR-56?

  49. Hello admin,
    May i request GHKR-62?

  50. please upload GIGA JMSZ-79

  51. Long time no see, hi admin~! please,
    Could you upload GHKR-81 ?

  52. Oh!! Thank you very much~!

  53. tsw-82 tsw-83

  54. zhpd-17 zdln-09 thank you

  55. Hi Admin,
    Do you have collection from Attackers?
    ex: SHKD-824

  56. Hi admin, GIGA has recently release HD version of their movies, can you upload the HD version?

  57. Hello admin~! please,
    Could you upload GHLS-57?

  58. Oh!! Thank you very much~!

  59. Hi,Admin.Do you have any subtitles for videos you uploaded?

  60. There were a series of 4 videos that showed lots of female fistfights with agents and i cant remember which series. Not Female combatants…but there were 4, non sexual. any help?

  61. Hello admin~! please,
    Could you upload GHLS-83?

  62. Upload THP-47? Thanks!

  63. Bro where is TDP? Please upload all

    • The TDP series is poorly downloaded by users and the file host deletes files if they have not been downloaded within 90 days ((


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