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GHOV-08 Sailor Freesia -The Trap of Tentacle Cross Acme Surrender Hell- Sara Uruki

Release: 2022-04-08

File 1 – Size: 948  mb – Time: 00:43:34
File 2 – Size: 1312 mb – Time: 01:00:18
File 3 – Size: 205 mb – Time: 00:09:26

Resolution: 1000x562

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  One Response to “GHOV-08 Sailor Freesia -The Trap of Tentacle Cross Acme Surrender Hell-”

  1. I really like this and GIGP-13. Sailor Freesia is my favourite heroine. My only issue is that I wish there were more shots of her feet when she’s standing in the tentacle chamber, maybe have her look down and see to her horror that she’s standing in slime and when she raises her feet the slime is thick and even somewhat sticky but it is useless to walk anywhere because the ground is covered in it, and while she is talking to the two monsters the squirming and writhing tentacles on the ground play and rub her shoes, ooze and dripping a sticky liquid over her shoes and Freesia see this happening to her beautiful shoes and is disgusted and demands that they get away from her shoes. She tries to fight them off but they then wrap around her legs and pull her down and begin to attack.


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