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GHOV-42 Sailor Lightning -Electrical Discharge Hell- The Future of a Certain Live Azusa Misaki

Release: 2022-06-24

File 1 – Size: 969 mb – Time: 00:44:32
File 2 – Size: 1566 mb – Time: 01:11:57
File 3 – Size: 109 mb – Time: 00:05:02

Resolution: 1000x562

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  4 Responses to “GHOV-42 Sailor Lightning -Electrical Discharge Hell- The Future of a Certain Live”

  1. Great job! I especially like the part when she sees her boots are slimed!

    • Really! I wish more focus would be on the heroines getting their shoes/boots dirty, covered in filth and slime and mud.

      • I agree wholeheartedly with you. I’d especially like to see more of them stepping in unpleasant stuff. Maybe a goddess has to walk into a slimy cavern full of tentacles and her heavenly boots are ruined by it, or a heroin in her civilian outfit has to investigate in a forest and gets he heels muddy, or even steps in manure.

  2. Just Got membership…Really hoping for GHOV-31 to be uploaded asap….

    Much appreciated!


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